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Such tentative selective methods were the forerunners of early plant-breeding procedures.The results of early plant-breeding procedures were conspicuous.It has a total of 32 light-sensor virtual strings, each of which play either individual notes, music samples or act as frets on a string. The smallest guitar in the world, the Nano Guitar is only 10 micro-meters in length -- about the size of a single cell -- with six strings each about 50 nanometers, or 100 atoms, wide.But although designed for playing Indian music, the Light Harp is also capable of performing dense polyphonic textures with micro-tonal tunings. Now here's an instrument guaranteed to please the technology-minded lady, and it comes in one convenient pocket-sized package. The original Nano Guitar was made to resemble a Fender Stratocaster.Plant breeding is an ancient activity, dating to the very beginnings of agriculture.Probably soon after the earliest domestications of cereal grains, humans began to recognize degrees of excellence among the plants in their fields and saved seed from the best for planting new crops.

But as with all musical instruments worthy of the name, please consider the neighbors and try to perfect your technique before rushing out to try this.

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The new, "playable" version, actually about five times the size of the original, is modeled on the Gibson Flying V.

The strings are actually silicon bars, 150 by 200 nanometers in cross-section and ranging from 6 to 12 micrometers in length (a nanometer is a billionth of a meter, the length of three silicon atoms in a row.

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