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The Cambridge-Africa Programme (Cambridge-Africa) is a working partnership between the University of Cambridge and several African universities and institutes, which supports the training of African doctoral and post-doctoral researchers.

It aims to strengthen Africa's own capacity for a sustainable research and mentoring culture, by cultivating the talented individuals who will make this long-term goal a reality.

The wineries outside Cape Town, the Big Five safari animals (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhinoceros), the tropical beaches at sunset, the exotic flora of Mauritius and the pyramids and temples of ancient Egypt are places few of us will visit physically, but our Africa webcams can bring all these sights right onto your laptop. This webcam has been erected at the upmarket guesthouse The Beach House in Frank Road in St Francis Bay up towards Granny's beach and Bruce's Beauties.

The live stream is divided into still pictures which update every 30 seconds.

Africa is one of the world's most romantically fantasized and intriguing places. The multitude of landscapes, the exotic creatures, the simplicity of its people.

Many of the greatest stories ever told took place in Africa.

Our current coordinated initiatives are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, extending across subject areas such as the social sciences and humanities, engineering, biological and health sciences, as well as research management and administration.

The on-going initiatives are: For several initiatives within the Programme, African researchers are carefully matched with leading Cambridge academics to collaborate on a research project.

Our African fellows are often affiliated to Wolfson College, King's College, Churchill College and Hughes Hall as Visiting Fellows/Scholars.The ALBORADA Trust has therefore awarded a further £4 million to the Cambridge-Africa Programme for the period 2016 to 2026, to support further engagement between Cambridge and Africa (see great gift is therefore likely to double the number of awards that were being made to research partners each year, and will ensure that Cambridge's engagement with African institutions is sustained on a long-term basis.For further information regarding the courses available and the application process, read through this handy brochure about Admissions and Funding for African Students. Mpala Research Centre in Laikipia, Kenya – home of explore’s Africa Cams – has a new director, scientist and naturalist Dino J. His career has focused on fostering greater awareness for science and research and their connections to conservation and human livelihoods.

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