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So when you use a backreference in the replacement expression, you need to put the backreference inside quotes, or otherwise it would be interpreted as PHP code.

Like the example from the manual for preg_replace:preg_replace("/()/e", "'\1'.strtoupper('\2').'\3'", $html_body); To make this easier, the data in a backreference with /e is run through addslashes() before being inserted in your replacement expression.

If you have a string like below, and try to replace dots, the regex won't replace correctly: This code must convert numeric html entities to utf8. It treats wrong codes starting with � The reason is that code2utf will be called with leading zero, exactly what the pattern matches - code2utf(039). -------------------------It may not be obvious to everybody that the function returns NULL if an error of any kind occurres.

This is due to the PCRE library returning an error code if the string contains bad UTF-8.[Editor's note: in this case it would be wise to rely on the preg_quote() function instead which was added for this specific purpose] If your replacement string has a dollar sign or a backslash. The function down below will return a string that escapes the backreferences.OUTPUT: string(8) "some 345" string(11) "some 345" string(8) "some 345" string(11) "some 345" Hello there, I would like to share a regex (PHP) sniplet of code I wrote (2012) for myself it is also being used in the Yerico sriptmerge plugin for joomla marked as simple code..People using the /e modifier with preg_replace should be aware of the following weird behaviour.It is not a bug per se, but can cause bugs if you don't know it's there.

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To compress javascript code and remove all comments from it. (in compairison to other PHP solutions) and does not damage the Javascript it self and it resolves lots of comment removal isseus.//START Remove comments.

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