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Women also contribute to the overall levels of abuse in marriage.There is no difference between a verbally abusive husband or a verbally abusive wife.The cause of the abuse lies solely with the abuser! If so, does your partner accept responsibility for his or her bad behavior?Does he or she blame you for his or her critical, angry, unreasonable and cruel behavior? Know for certain, that you are NOT TO BLAME for your abusive partner's behavior—he or she is!So why does stopping the emotional abuse seem impossible?Because in emotionally abusive relationships the abuser typically refuses to take responsibility for his or her bullying, demanding, angry, critical, unreasonable and belittling ways.The police, social service agencies, hospitals, and excellent therapist in private practice are there to assist you in changing your daily experience from being abused to being respected and to then go on to live your future in dignity. As you are carefully not to put yourself in danger when you cross a busy street, so too take care not to be around people that hurt you.

If someone does not want to eat meat, they don't, and no one can force them to do so.

According to the American Psychological Association, physical abuse results in three woman a day being murdered by their male partners and much more are injured physically and emotionally.

These above statistics are not to imply that only men abuse.

The difference is that women are more vulnerable to physical abuse because men are often stronger and more aggressive.

Here are some suggestion on where to find help if there is physical violence in your intimate relationship. The emotionally abusive husband and the emotionally abusive wife both destroy an otherwise potentially good marriage and home for themselves and their children.

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