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The Royal Geographical Society sent an expedition to the region in search of the Nile's source.

The detailed reports of that trip helped Austrian geologist Eduard Suess formulate his theory that the system of valleys and lakes that crossed Arabia and Africa was part of a continuous trough.

His comparisons of geological strata led him to conclude that faulting, not erosion, had formed the valley to which he gave the name "Great Rift Valley," the name still used for the entire African Rift.

The following year, British explorer John Walter Gregory began his explorations of East Africa.The Great Rift Valley varies in width from twenty to sixty miles (thirty to one hundred kilometers), and in depth from a few hundred to several thousand meters.The northernmost part of the Rift forms the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon.Richard Leakey has speculated that the diversity of environments resulting from the creation of the Rift Valley provided "an ideal setting for evolutionary change." The presence of multiple lakes in the region would have drawn animals, including hominids.Furthermore, the rise and fall of lake levels and seasonal flooding of rivers aided in burying and preserving bones.

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