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there are now reports that 3 MLF teams are intrested to sign Robbie Rogers but Chicago Fire who owns his rights(even though he retired) ..refused to trade him to the LA Galaxy because they think he's a good player for them.. Granted, it wasn't erect, but it would have to grow substantially just to reach an average length. I don't know how to cite my previous post, but Michael Strahan I can confirm through a friend of his private and professionally.

and they don't care if he's gay and are willing to wait! I met him while he was playing, and after his career was over. Jed Lowrie and Jacoby Ellsbury I met in North Carolina. This was about 6 or 7 years ago when I was in college.

Maybe he's watching and waiting to see how the general public reacts to Jason Collins before he comes out? When Ian Roberts came out in Australia people wondered if it would open the door for other gay NRL and AFL players to come out. If Robbie Rogers return to MLS he will be the first openly active male player to do so..

They co-owned real estate and like to "take vacations together."Interesting and quite cynical, in a cunty sort of way, r37. My first husband was an 80's multi-platinum rocker, my second husband was a PGA Tour player, and my 3 year bf after the Tour player was one of the most successful sports agent attorneys in the biz. He was repping stars when only the big stars had agents.r85... [R86] I would like to thank you for being a gentle person and questioning me before admonishing me to STFU as [R84] did. You've also confirmed a few that I only had hearsay knowledge of, which is nice. If it was about Lewis, then it was most inappropriate.

Rumor has it figure skater Johnny Weir may be a homosexual, but one wonders why he has not been banned by a sport, run by the 700 Clubs Scott Hamilton, Mitt Romneys campaign commercial star, Kristi Yamaguici and also a sport rumored to have figure skaters with links to the anti-gay hate group, the Heritage Foundation, run by long time enemy to the gay community, Republican Jim De Mint.

R8 he ended his own career when in his only competition this year ***BOMBED***He finished DEAD LAST in a major international competition. Coach Bill Parcells Derek Jeter did not make the definite list, but there is plenty of evidence that he is.

How true is that story the former Yankees locker room attendant put out there about catching Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada making out in the steam room or jacuzzi? Any other major league baseball players where the gay rumors may actually have some serious legs?

"How true is that story the former Yankees locker room attendant put out there about catching Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada making out in the steam room or jacuzzi? Some of those guys are poppin out of their singlets. He was on and off for 2 years with the most gorgeous female athlete, tennis player Ana Ivanovic. *youtubes every Tim video I can find* I'd love to know how popular he is in the locker room.

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  1. Trainor posted a gorgeous video (soundtracked with her own song - iconic) to her Instagram and honestly it's a tear jerker. For my 24th birthday, the love of my life @darylsabara made all of my dreams come true. Thank you Daryl, my family and friends for making me feel like a real princess 👸🏼💍😭💗 and thank you @ryan.trainor for this amazing video that I’m gonna watch over and over again ❤️ A post shared by Meghan Trainor (@meghan_trainor) on In a time where Bradgelina is a thing of the past and Jay-Z did actually cheat on Beyoncé, it is a widespread fear that love is indeed dead. Congratulations to the happy couple and we can't wait for that Spy Kids-themed wedding.

  2. You know, much has been said about Scorpio and I’ll try to refrain from such jokes here, but, one thing that works for a Scorpio woman when it comes to seducing a Taurus man: that stare.