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The figure indicates the paucity of localities where finding the oldest fossils exists. As previously noted, stromatolites are most often described as biogenically-produced structures formed by colonies of photosynthesizing cyanobacteria.

Probably many Archaean rocks have succumbed to these many forces.We humans have descended from organisms that adapted to living in a prokaryotic world, and we humans retain (conserved in evolutionary terms) in our Eukaraotic mitochondria the cellular machinery to power our cells that we inherited (i.e., Endosymbiosis) from the prokaryotes of deep time on earth.Scientists disagree on how to define stromatolites.They encode the role that ancient microorganisms played in the evolution of life on earth and in shaping earth's environments.The fossil record of stromatolites is astonishingly extensive, spanning some four billion years of geological history with the forming organisms possibly having occupied every conceivable environment that ever existed on earth.

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