Drug dating service

Sober & Single is the Internet's only true website dedicated 100% to helping alcohol and drug-free singles to find their true special someone!

We cater solely to that constantly growing niche group of singles who would like to look for a sober companion!

Multiple drugs of abuse dip card that allows for easy mix and match of tests.

GEN-SCAN K2 Spice Test is a one-step drug screen dipstick test for the detection of synthetic marijuana in human urine.

Finding love, dating and romance in real life is daunting enough; now throw in the fact that you don't want to go to a bar or club to establish a relationship and you know what we mean!

When it comes to love, romance and finding a date on the internet, we think you are going to be pleasantly surprised and very happy you found Sober & Single!

The community is “not just for stoners” and also includes “professionals, laborers, doctors, lawyers and other singles who are all 420 friendly.” Founders say they are optimistic about the future of legal marijuana and they expect more states to follow in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington.

But in the meantime, we all know love doesn’t have to be legal to be real.

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Simply dip the test stick in urine for 10 seconds and read results at 5 minutes.

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