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Those are: the Criminal Code, regulating the execution of custodial sentences.

All of them have undergone three sweeping modifications with regard to terrorism since 2000 although none of these stemmed from the attacks of 11 March.

According to statistics, casualties inflicted by ETA amount to 829 up to the end of 2010.

It goes without saying that,to all these murders,injuries, kidnappings and property damage must be added.

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Please share this page and support us and our project.It agrees nevertheless in amazing form with the present conceptions of the world.Perhaps it is the this fundamental reason for his resurgence and universal height in these years.Furthermore, both in Spain and the UK, there has been a concealed agenda or dirty tricks against terrorism, encompassing activity from torture As a consequence, the freedom–security dichotomy in terms of terrorism has always tilted more to the side of security, reaching its apex at the beginning of this century due to the attacks of 11 September.In this chapter, we shall first expound the characteristics of the Spanish legal and judicial system, in order to underline that counter-terrorist legislation is exceptional in substance, albeit ordinary in form, which means that, in factual terms, it does not differ from British exceptional legislation.

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