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This Thursday on Thanksgiving day, there is a special cash prize for the Surf Fishing Classic in honor of Bruce Hoagland. Its a warm 61 degrees but steady rain and tthe winds are strong SW winds with gusts blowing up to 43mph. The winds are going to pick up later today and the rain is going to come in too in the early afternoon. There was a 43" 27.84 lbs bass caught last night using Bunker as well as 3 other bass weigh ins yesterday. There were 3 striped bass weighed in yesterday for the tournament. There have been a couple bass weighed in over the last couple days. Although we are starting out a little damp and foggy, are going to have a beautiful but unseasonably warm day again today. There were a couple more bass weighed in for the Classic yesterday mostly up in Surf City. It's a beautiful fall day today as the winds died down, the storms are gone and its going to be a great week for fishing. The recap of last week for the LBI Surf Classic was 3 Red Drum, 7 Stripers and no bluefish. The tog and see bass that have been caught have been a real good size.

Temps are going to drop as the day gets on and the winds will die down but just a bit. The temperature is 38 degrees and the water temp is about 58. Today is going to be mostly cloudy with a high temp of 49 degrees. Joe Guarini caught a 29" bass that weighed 7.86 lbs. That is the second in Beach Haven in a couple of days so they making their way down! Yesterday was not the best of days but today is better in the upper forties with NE winds and the water temperature in the upper 50's. Randy Bush weighed in a striper right here at Jingles that was 28 3/4 inches and was 7.68lbs caught on clams. Each of them were about 29-30" but they are winners with the limited amount of bass being caught right now. No weigh-ins for the tournament yesterday but our own Ed Mc Glynn caught a Red Drum out here in Beach Haven. Today there is a special price given by SCBT of 0 for the largest striped bass. Their was a weigh-in yesterday for the Classic for a 12lb striper caught up in Harvey Cedars.

Make sure Well, September is upon us and Fluke season is coming to an end in 5 days.

Winds are going to pick up a little this afternoon. There were two tournament weigh ins yesterday - a 33 1/4" bass weighing in a 12.8lbs, caught using Bunker in Harvey Cedars, and a 29 1/4" bass weighing in at 8.4lbs also caught on Bunker in Harvey Cedars. Two bass, 29 1/4" and 9.18 lbs, and 29 3/4" and 8.46lbs.It might feel a little cooler with north winds blowing 11-12mph. There were two fish weighed in yesterday and on Sunday afternoon we had a fish brought into Jingles by Merle Van Liere that was 32" and 12.62 lbs. So evern though they are not monster bass the smaller ones still have a chance to win! Today is going to be a bit cooler than its been, but only for today! The storms have moved through and the sun has come out but strong winds continues to blow west/southwest today. First one in days but today and tomorrow are going to be a beautiful October days, hopefully will bring in some more fish.There were a couple bass weigh-ins yesterday morning before the weather got too bad. Still not a whole lot to report on whats being caught these days but the weather will soon be as it's supposed to be in October.Tim says it was insane action as they caught over 30 stripers and left them still biting because of time constraints. The temperature this morning is 36 degrees with winds NNW at 14mph making if feel like 28. We have FRESH BUNKER this morning - off the boat yesterday afternoon! One weigh-in of a bass yesterday - 28" and 7.18 lbs. Get your fishing in today unless you want to fish in the snow tomorrow....."We caught them on everything including top water plugs, what an epic day on the water! Its a cold morning coming in at 36 degrees with slight NW winds at 18mph. Well it is a mild morning, but it won't be mild for much longer as winter is going to start moving in! Temperatures this morning are 39 degrees going up to about 51 again. There were three weighs-ins yesterday for the tournament - all bass, all caught on Bunker. It is hard to believe it is the last month of 2017 and that we are coming to the close of our first year as the owners of Jingles!

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I also received this picture yesterday from Al Mostrangeli of himself and Greg Blair with bass that he and his team of 4 others caught on Monday with Mojos and bunker spoons off of Beach Haven at the 3 mile line. One fish weighed in on Saturday and one on Sunday and nothing yesterday. Pete used salted clam and caught his down in Holgate near the inlet!! It's a cold one this morning at 30 degrees with winds WNW at 11mph. Still nothing weighed in for the tournament all week. A special thanks to Margaret and Gene for their continued guidance and support!!

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