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Things could get ugly if Justin Bieber is involved. Arquette has said that they still love each other and are close, despite the marriage failing.

If you miss their coupledom or when she was Courteney Cox Arquette, you can always Neftlix Scream for your Court x David fix.9. Hall: Life on the Dexter set was not marred by the real life divorce of these co-stars, thankfully!

Whether there is a deep love between two people who have parted ways or whether they are simply doing it for the kids or whether there is just the desire to save face and put on appearances while dealing with the public, the media and their images, these are 20 friendly former couples who lead by example. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder: They are also co-stars and while he's been seen with Nikki Reed, it's probably best for these Vampire Diaries actors to remain cool to avoid on-set awkwardness. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Long after the Bennifer hoopla died down, Jenny From the Block revealed that she and the actor communicate via email, discussing career moves and such. Actually, the hype surrounding their romance eclipsed and nearly killed his career. They even worked together on a reality show after they split! Bruce and Kris Jenner: This is a recent break up, but everything so far looks friendly.And for others, like these 20 Celebrity Couples With Major Age Gaps, their May-December romances didn’t do anything to cool down their passion for one one of the most-beloved on-screen couples of all-time, dated off-screen for over two years.Morgan and White, who played newbie vampire Abby Bennett Wilson (a.k.a.Bonnie's mom), met when they were working on Season 3 of "The Vampire Diaries." Last year, the network spun off "The Originals" from the original teen drama and has renewed it for a second season."We really appreciate those of you who have supported our wild, creative, passionate and unlikely relationship," the couple told Us Weekly when they announced their engagement in May.

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