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3 Part TI of the Shimoga Volume of the Epigraphia Carnatica Imving been comph tod during the year, there remain 3 more Amlumes to conclude the eorios. plates \vere discovered during the year at Gattavde- ptira in the ISanjangud Taluk. torical information contained in the whole set of volumes when complete. This channel, of which traces can be seen, was taken off from near Kallodi, where the inscription was found.

Government note that the report has been drawn u ]3 in nccordanco with the instructions issued, but that it was submitted 3 weeks after the due date. Tlie number of the inscriptions completely dealt with during the year is 1,053, bringing the total from the beginning to 8,016. It is very desirable that a compendium should be prepared giving in a convenient form the collective results of the hi.? The engineer thereupon made a channel from the river to the Siruvera tank, vhicli is 10 miles to the north.

Another carried on disputations so far away as at the Mughal Court in Delhi.

My views on the subject have been communicated to the Chief Engineer on reference being made. In addition to strictly Archaeological work, I have been engaged in the pre- paration of the Gazetteers of Mysore and Coorg for the Imperial Gazetteer of India, which involves much labour. He must have been a prime minister, for he is graphically described as a skilful pilot in steering the ship of the State, and his grandfather is said to have done the same in the time of previous kino’s.

The Ganga plates freshly discovered, above alluded to, were found at Gatta- vadipura in Nanjangud taluq.

This agrees with the state- ment in S’ravana Belgola Ao.

In it occur what are meant to be ( 5 ) some Indian words, and thesr it has been conjectured are no other than Kannada, the prevalence of which on parts of the Western Coast readers tiie supposition not improbable.

Of the two or three short sentences used, a Greek translation is giv(3n of a portion, and they are thus known to refer to a drinking scene. Dukzsch, who, with some modification of the originals, produces the sentenc.)s /r'r ' l-oncli i m U'Jhn putrukh/ haki.

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