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Will showing your abs help or hinder your ability to capture the ladies’ attention and affection?Before you make this very important decision, check out the interesting research below, as well as what women on Reddit have to say about displaying one’s naked torso in the online dating realm.You just need to find the girl who likes what you look like enough to put up with whatever you want to say to her.That’s actually applicable to all types of game, whether online dating or daygaming in the streets.**OUR NEW EBOOK – “How to get laid through Online Dating” – AVAILABLE NOW** A quick post on something I realised last weekend when I was frantically searching online for some sex to rid myself of the two tonne balls I was carrying around for a week.It’s a no bullshit method to find out if girls are down to have sex with you without all the need for asking each other what your favourite colours are, which of the Friends is your favourite (personally, it’s Joey) and what your career ambitions are.

(Technically, that was an offensive email and dating sites generally encourage reporting offensive or abusive people.) He may just be a totally clueless idiot, but what if he were to do something dangerous if they met? Girls who are feminists, girls who are book geeks, girls who are looking just for “new friends” or “activity partners” will all feel the same rush inside them in the presence (online or off) of a man who is different from the rest that she wants to have sex with. The point is, don’t be fooled about what girls say on their profile.I’ve had a girl message me who is only looking for “new friends” saying she wants to meet up for sex.I wanted to make it seem like I was higher value than the girls but without propositioning for sex, and I was the one with the choices and I was putting her down a post.I’d thought of several, one of my others being “do you think I’m attractive?

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She's never met him before; she doesn't know him.

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