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November 6, 2012 - ARIS adds new partner Tang Investments LLCNEWS RELEASE - ARIS is pleased to announce that it has added among a select group of best-in-class art market partners, Tang Investments LLC.

Based in New York, Miami, Hong Kong and London, Tang Investments provides commercial consultancy services to new and established investors who are active in the global art market and from the U. September 20, 2012 - An open invitation to the art and passion alternative asset investment fund market NEWS RELEASE - ARIS has responded to the risk management needs of the global fine arts and collectibles investment fund market and has initiated a distinct program working with individual funds, fund associations, fund auditors and fund-to-fund institutions to standardize the use of title insurance in all fund sales and purchase transactions.

ART CONGRESS COLOGNE will focus on current developments and trends in todays international art market for private collectors as well as professional art market participants such as banks and family offices including legal and tax-related conditions, authenticity, lending, logistics and online sales.April 23, 2013 - Technical summary of the art market legal title risk challenges facing the U. non-profit museum community including general museums and university museums NEWS RELEASE - The time is ripe for museums and the museum community as a whole to reconsider their approach to managing ownership risks of purchases, gifts and deaccessions and the spectrum of market exposures to WWII and other theft, cultural patrimony, restricted gifts and financial lien claims, which have increasingly and consistently been the genesis of litigation.The landscape of liability in this context is entering a sea-change.Forward-thinking lenders, advisors and trust and estate practitioners are now applying best practices from the financial, real estate and business world to the art industry (such as acquiring title insurance) not only to navigate the art investment risk but also to secure finality and value in the art transaction.August 26, 2013 - ARIS to participate in The Appraisal Foundation roundtable on personal property NEWS RELEASE - ARIS is pleased to announce that it will participate in the first annual roundtable hosted by The Appraisal Foundation on important issues (from minimum qualifications and standards to oversight) for appraising personal property including fine and decorative art, gems and jewelry.

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Bodo Sartorius to join ARIS Title Insurance Corporation THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - ARIS is pleased to announce that Dr. November 19, 2013 - ARIS to participate in an Art Law Talk at Miami Art Basel NEWS RELEASE - ARIS is pleased to announce that it will speak along with attorneys from Herrick, Feinstein LLP in a Miami Art Basel Salon 2013 program entitled Art Title Insurance: What Is It and Should You Get It?

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