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“ Plaintiff, and other similarly situated individuals, had no choice or option but to pay the unreasonable fees and costs charged by defendant to obtain and access the...documents in order to comply with the statute and the terms of the real estate sales contract,” Ahrendt’s complaint states.Owners pay for information that is sometimes publicly available According to the suit, the document servicing company’s conduct caused Ahrendt and other individuals to suffer harm by depriving them of a choice, charging an unlawful and unreasonable fee for the documents, and forcing them to pay the unlawful and unreasonable fees to comply with the Illinois Condominium Property Act.“ To be clear, a selling unit owner’s failure to turn over the Illinois Condominium Property Act documents to the potential buyer will terminate a real estate sale and the selling unit owner could be precluded from selling his own real property,” the complaint says. Museum of Contemporary Art presents the first solo museum exhibition of Chicago-based artist Paul Heyer.

The suit claims that obtaining copies of the documents filed with the Recorder of Deeds typically costs about .50 and it calls Condo Cert’s fees “unreasonable” considering they are digital and immediately accessible.

The suit seeks refunds of monies paid to the company as well as punitive damages and court costs for owners who paid a fee to the company for documents related to the sale of a condo in Illinois over the past five years.

Owners claim fees excessive for documents needed to close sales Three Illinois condominium owners filed a similar class-action lawsuit over allegations they were charged unlawful and excessive fees by a property management company for documents needed to close on the sales of their condo units.

Additional “rush” fees may add hundreds of dollars to the cost of obtaining the documents even if they are stored online.

“ How is it legal for a for-profit management company to resell documents that belong to unit owners in a not-for-profit condo association?

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According to their complaint, the plaintiffs contacted the companies for copies of their condo disclosure documents in order to sell their properties.

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