Rules for dating an aquarius woman

and I created this short report to help you find and stay in the right direction in your love life with this amazing Aquarius man. I had high hopes for this trip to alter the course of my life.

The thing that turns an Aquarius man on (and off) like crazy… Some people say they're selfish, others cry they are too detached... Hi, I'm Anna Kovach, an Astrologer with a deep interest in the male psyche, I authored several popular Astrological programs... Maybe out of jealousy I packed my bags and flew to Romania.

As mentioned earlier, if you both make each other feel too open and exposed – as if the world is looking in on you – you’ll very soon turn defensive, shut down and blame one another.

We know our fair share of long-term Cancer and Cap couples who’ve made it – but with a quirk: your opposition is notoriously slow to get off the ground.

and don’t look back." Yet those who have won their love would boast about their loyalty, love, and obsession...

Or maybe to learn how to get that Aquarius man back… But slowly things started to take a devastating turn... Slowly he wouldn't reply to my texts or calls, he started becoming cold and distant... always telling me how busy he is and how I'm acting "needy." It was shocking because I just wanted to spend some quality time with him… And I thought why not give him some space -- it'd ignite the fire of passion in him... But when I saw those reports I was shocked at the accuracy... I wished I had those reports earlier - way before we started dating... If you’re interested in an Aquarius man then you need to know this. Being a charismatic man, he has lots of friends and a few very close ones. When you're in love shouldn't you give everything to that person... have late night talks, have fun conversations, you reveal your secrets… Let me show you how an Aquarius man confided about his ex: "My ex would ask me “are you okay” JUST BECAUSE I AM NOT F#@KING TALKING DOES'NT MEAN I AM NOT OKAY" You must be thinking (as I did) why would an Aquarius do that...

Because his "inventive" mind gets bored pretty quickly... which is "mental stimulation." In a moment I'll reveal how to do that and more. It's not about being "compatible." Whereas everyone is harping on to trust him, or give him his freedom, do this or that...Figure out the rest of your ten planets if you’re having big differences and misunderstandings with your Cap or Cancer. To better understand the Aquarius man you're dating or are interested in... we met in college and like a typical Taurean he was everything I wanted in my "Prince charming”… He'd take me on long drives; he'd watch the sunset with me and wrap me in his strong arms... I thought it'd be just like those junk horoscopes in newspapers and magazines I've read and tossed away a million times... It was as if I was taking a trip inside his mind... Finally, I discovered the reasons behind his excuses, the true meanings behind his words, and all those signals I unknowingly missed. And then I figured a disturbing fact about Aquarius men. If an Aquarius man is interested in you then he wants only YOU. He is a social animal and loves to be the "life of the party" An Aquarius belongs to a very special group of Air signs. Forgive me for being blunt but the relationship with this unique creature isn't so simple. While I'm not some Clairvoyant or psychic, I know that you've come to this very important website for one reason alone... All along I thought my expertise of male psychology is proving to be a great asset... It must have been written all over my face and I told her about my recent breakup. " I'd never believed in all that but I thought it'll be fun. But then she revealed some details about Frank and frankly, I was shocked... I was still puzzled and next she had prepared the full Synastry report and other reports on me and Frank... And then my aunt reminded me about the deep, undiscovered part of his psyche and gave me some tips... long story short, he noticed the change in me, after all, I was giving all the right signals and soon he was desperate to come back. Learning directly from my aunt, over the years I've helped countless couples from every walk of life. He won't care how much you weigh, or what's your height or anything. In any case, as you read these words on your screen I know a fact about you... And though I enjoyed the trip, she asked if something is wrong with me. some would even fly in just to get her valuable advice. And going by her living standards you could say she was doing darn good. No drama, no crying, no begging for him to come back... And it could happen because of the secret weapon that my Astrologer aunt gave to me. Then I went on to study Astrology and started to help out couples...

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