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But, when there's a third party in the equation, the third party would more often than not, take that focus away. If this marriage were to end, it's okay because I already have someone who's willing to start a new life with me and be my wife or husband. And life would just continue as it is, albeit I'll be going through it with a different person".

And the third party would always seem to be offering a better deal than your own spouse. And because of that the sanctity of the marriage institution would just dissipate into thin air. Yes, the divorce won't be painful for you, but what about your spouse who had been through thick and thin with you, and what about your kids?! And I feel all of these could be avoided if both husband and wife are loyal and sincere and are open to each other.

Fine, people may come to me and say we should not be judgmental against any of the parties because we don't really know what went on during their marriage, and that we don't really know who was at fault, and maybe, the marriage was already on the rocks when the third party came into the picture. I don't really know these two celebrities personally, and I don't know his ex-wife. So, I'm not going to throw accusations or be judgmental against these two celebrities. More often than not, a marriage would start being on the rocks WHEN there's a third party.

They would be more focused on addressing whatever issues which may have caused the rift between them because there's no third party to distract them from the effort. So, both would, insya Allah, try their best to save the marriage. And the third party would always seem to be a good excuse for the husband or the wife to throw the towel in and call it quits, because he or she would be thinking, "Heck...

Myra suke die sebab die garang, tapi die lembut hati. Lepas nie mesti mama nak hantar aku pergi tuisyen bahasa Inggeris sampai dah parah macam nie haa.

Tapi lepas je myra dapat text nie sekelip mata air mata terus mengalir, tak tau la kenapa.

This is ESPECIALLY important when they know or they feel that there are girls or guys out there who are trying to hit on them. BUT, MORE IMPORTANTLY, I BELIEVE YOU SHOULD SHARE THIS WITH YOUR SPOUSE. Once your spouse is in the know about your pursuer, this will ensure that you stay anchored to the marriage. In sum -(1) (2) Make it clear to them and SHOW them that you're VERY married.

you see, she used to be isolated in the class with her bestfriend then me and my two friends strated to get close to her after our so called "besties" isolated us too. but me and my bestfriends were cool besides, i have another bestfriend in another class so what's there to harm about losing .. We tried giving her extra attention so she won't feel lonely but she deliberately avoided us so WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO? A friend you just got close recently than your own bestfriend who always there for you all this time?

" Then she started saying -metaphorically- we're not her bestfriends anymore and they're her new bestfriend.

Aku pon taktau apa yang hot sangat kat menatang nih sampai semua pompuan di luaq sana menggilakan patong style camneh.rasa aku penah gak la tgk gambaq katun dia kat iklan tv tu kot..hahah.layan ja la natang apa yang ada untuk fans DOMO nih.

yeah, then like we started getting extra close and i thought i found two REAL bestfriends.

at first we were like "Ok, you made some other friends, cool, we're still besties right?

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