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The show is coming to an end, yes, but not before it reached 103 episodes, which is a rare accomplishment for a show, especially one featuring deaf and hard of hearing characters. I moved on from Switched months ago, but the more time that passes, the more I realize how unbelievably special the whole experience was. And I very much already can’t wait for the reunion. We sat down in chairs made of butterscotch chips, ordered meatballs made of butterscotch chips, bit deep down into them, found more butterscotch.I don’t think I will ever work with better people, or in a more loving environment. There was a regular walk up and down a moderately sloped hill. I dreamt that the entire world was made of butterscotch chips. Our chairs began to melt so we sank our teeth into them. Last night we threw our tiny gingerbread house / engagement party because naturally, any real engagement party should involve frosting and miniatures.MES offers comprehensive compensation and benefits packages including health insurance, health reimbursement accounts, flexible spending accounts, 401(k) plans, and stock incentive plans.Equal Opportunity Employer MES is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employees are prohibited from manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, possessing, using, or being under the influence of illegal drugs, inhalants, or controlled substances in the workplace.Lizzy says it feels like college graduation, and I couldn’t agree more. MES Solutions (MES) offers a collaborative work environment that rewards teamwork, ownership and initiative.BUT WHO AM I TO CHOOSE OR FOLLOW SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED RULES? Miss BBQ, a bday wish: may you always drink your beer and burp it up beautifully, as you once did, as you have always done, as you do now while holding your baby, as you will do well into the future as your daughter gets big enough to sit next to you, hopefully with me on your other side.And so, here’s 81 pictures from a year filled with friends and work and house and CAKE SO MUCH CAKE / I NOW UNDERSTAND WHY I CURRENTLY HATE MY BODY Went to the Golden Globes / had a Kilroy’s retreat at Pacific Palms, heavily featuring Karaoke / marched in the NYC women’s march / met my niece nugget Ruby / drove four hours JUST to eat food, at Vivian Howard’s Chef and the Farmer with Julien / attended niece Olivia’s baby shower / ROASTED SOME CARROTS / workshopped The Cake at the Alley in Houston / MADE A GIANT VALENTINE’S DAY COOKIE Wrapped season 1 of This is Us / Writer’s Guild Awards / went BACK to Pacific Palms, creepiest hotel conference center ever, to write a movie with Mamrie / NIECE OLIVIA WAS BORN / Morrison and I’s short film Again got into Tribeca / we dressed up like Empire Records people for Mack’s 90s themed 30th bday / JULIEN AND I WENT TO PERU I decided it was okay to wear scrunchies for a minute / My Mom and I made a festive Easter cross cake / I met Olivia for the first time / we went to NYC for Tribeca and saw Again on the Big Screen / attended fro-worker Elizabeth’s lovely wedding in Carmel / went to my 10 year grad school reunion / Palm Springs with these womyn Morrison took me to Santa Barbara for my birthday / I turned 35 and to celebrate, my Mom sent me a cat made of flowers / I finally got to see my episode of American Gods / my parents came to LA and got to see the This is Us sets / MY MOM, ONCE AGAIN, FLEW A DEWEY’S PINK LEMONADE CAKE FROM NC, this time for the cast during tech / The Cake opened at the Echo theater, sponsored by CHEERWINE / cake baby’s first LA times feature / MORE CAKE, this time from friend Alina / baby’s first NYT feature / Debra Jo and I went on NPR’s the Frame / OH GOD, MORE CAKE / WE CLOSED ON A HOUSE I MET NORMAN LEAR at my play / This is Us Season 2 premiered / Met Lily Tomlin at play! Every now and then, I hear a new song and it burrows into that part of my brain that intersects with my soul and I have to listen to it over and over.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Swiss albino mice weighing around 25-30g of either sex were divided into 6 groups: Control ( Distilled Water- 10ml/kg), Standard - Sodium valproate (40mg/kg), O1 - Olmesartan (2.5mg/kg), O2 - Olmesartan (5mg/kg), T1 - Telmisartan (5mg/kg), T2 - Telmisartan (10mg/kg).New Year’s Day is for promises, but first: New Year’s Eve is for reflecting Back. Wishing you a contemplative, reflective New Year’s Day. The happiest of birthdays to my soul sister, Blaine.Once again, people are posting their Best 9, 9 pictures that sum up a year of life lived. / ate year old cake / finally moved in our house after 3 months renovating; discovered its sunsets / worked on my second solo ep of TIU / sat on a stool and looked off for Written By magazine / BOUGHT A GROWN UP CHANDELIER / Went to my parent’s new spot on Smith Mountain Lake, VA for Thanksgiving Made house shaped cookies for our housewarming party / celebrated the holidays with the best writing staff there ever was/ had our first tiny house guest / had a reading of Karen O musical at New York Theater Workshop / met my soon to be sister-in-law Sarah / had a WHITE CHRISTMAS UP IN OLYMPIA. I really hate facebook sometimes because it makes me feel at once like the world is awful and also that I’m not cool enough to be in it, but then I love facebook because it holds this moment for me: Blaine drinking a beer in London when we were in town for other soul sister Carrie’s wedding.(You can give his band Auditorium a listen Here.) It was one of those arresting song moments that sort of stopped time and lifted every one present slightly above the ground.In a blatant attempt to recapture the moment, I’m going to listen to the Magnetic Fields version about 900 times, and also leave the lyrics here: The book of love is long and boring No one can lift the damn thing It’s full of charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing but I I love it when you read to me and you you can read me anything The book of love has music in it In fact that’s where music comes from Some of it is just transcendental Some of it is just really dumb but I I love it when you sing to me and you you can sing me anything I spent most of yesterday grinning like an overjoyed idiot.

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In turn, she kept taking pictures of us like we were famous people.

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