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In 1989, Joseph Bruce, as Jagged Joe, Joseph Utsler, as Kangol Joe, and John Utsler, as Master J, released the single titled "Party at the Top of the Hill" under the name of JJ Boys, but the group did not pursue a serious career in music.

Feeling a sense of home and belonging, Bruce formed a gang called Inner City Posse, which was composed of Joseph Utsler, Rudy Hill, other friends of Bruce, and a number of other connections he had made in Southwest Detroit.

Later that year the group released the self-produced EP entitled Dog Beats.

While trying to get stations to play the single, Bruce learned that one of the stations he and Abbiss visited would be interviewing local rapper Esham, who Bruce considered to be a "superstar"; Bruce had recently begun to collect Esham's albums, as he had done with other local rappers; by the time he had discovered Esham, the rapper had released two full-length albums and three EPs.

Back on the streets, Bruce, Utsler and Utsler's brother, John performed hip hop music at local night clubs, using the stage names Violent J, 2 Dope, and John Kickjazz, under the name of their gang, Inner City Posse.

Featured guest with his group Insane Clown Posse on the song "Swingin Hatchets" by the artist Fresh Kid Ice. A Family Underground (Documentary) (writer: "Duk Da Fuk Down" - as Full Clip) / (writer: "Headache", "Welcome To Thy Show", "Juggalo Family", "If I Was a Serial Killer", "Walk into the Darkness", "Hum Drum Boogie", "Ride the Tempest") Psychopathic: The Videos (Video) (writer: "Juggalo Homies", "Tilt A Whirl", "Halls Of Illusion", "Chicken Huntin'", "Another Love Song", "Chicken Huntin' (Slaughterhouse Remix)", "How Many Times?", "Bowling Balls", "Piggy Pie", "Hokus Pokus", "Real Underground Baby") Psychopathic: The Videos (Video) Himself (segments "Homies" - "Tilt A Whirl" - "We don't die" - "Halls of Illusions" - "Chicken Huntin" - "Another love song" - "How many times? ) Check my shit out on me Give me a lobotomy (Shock! In my hand is an axe, weapon Can't relax 'till I know what happened How did I get to this location Who the fuck am I chasing? Either or, I choose to flee Runnin' on the sidewalk, spazmatic Shirt's all bloody, no, can't have it Peel it off, I run inside Somebody's house, I come to hide Some kid playing his Xbox, SCREAM, and I'm still in shock [Hook: Shaggy 2 Dope & Violent J] (Shock! " The sun beating on my face, I hear the police pick up my pace Into a strip mall, CVS Huntin' for dope, PBS He seen me coming and shut the gate I ain't got time to fucking wait I'm in shock [Hook: Shaggy 2 Dope & *Violent J*] (Shock! Ain't got a clue I laid on the lawn for a minute or 2 To catch my breath, just for a spell Everything's fine, All is well... ) Check my shit out on me Give me a lobotomy [Violent J] I ran outside and tried to stop a Seville But they just laughed and almost killed me My face is bloody and my shoes are gone Standing in traffic, what went wrong? ) Check my shit out on me, Give me a lobotomy There's no escape from my own head, it's so fucked up Check my shit out on me, Give me a lobotomy [Violent J] I jumped the kid with his power cord, but he got away, oh lord I ran upstairs behind the mirror I'm looking for dope, it's clear I found some klonopin and downed the rest, about 10 Back outside, fat and bloody Running from or looking for somebody It don't matter, my brain's shattered Swinging my axe like "hey batter! ) Check my shit out on me, Give me a lobotomy There's no escape from my own head, it's so fucked up Check my shit out on me, Give me a lobotomy [Violent J] Out the back entrance I cut Them klonopins are catching up I tried to hop up over a wall Backwards, back down I fall I wanna pass out, but that can't happen Keep running myself, I'm slapping I'm getting dizzy, glass in the road I stepped in it, it took its toll I hopped the fence onto the grass 2 backyards, looking through the glass People watching television They be like "Damn, Yes I'm wishing" How I got here?

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The songs of Insane Clown Posse center thematically on the mythology of the Dark Carnival, a metaphoric limbo in which the lives of the dead are judged by one of several entities.

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