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I’m a huge Bob Dylan fan and [of the] 60s and 70s…Led Zeppelin, that type of stuff. Take those bands and a lot of their hits were covers.Back [in the 50s] Elvis was playing everyone else’s songs and it didn’t really matter whose song was what. I started playing brass instruments in grade six and I did concert band and jazz band.In their cover of Lorde’s “Royals,” the band swaps ukuleles while playing various other instruments.For their imaginative cardboard-filled video for the single “Little Boxes,” WOTE received a 2013 Juno Award nomination for Video of the Year.

[It’s our] second time back at Paradise and we’re pumped.The two lead singles, “Rule the World” and “Sing It All Away,” were released in March and April 2015 respectively, and have an upbeat, anthemic pop sound similar to that of the band’s first album. The band supported the album with a 15-city US tour in 2015 followed by a cross-Canada tour and a 15-city European tour in 2016.The videos uploaded to WOTE’s You Tube channel have earned more than two million subscribers and almost a half-billion cumulative views.The crowd was great last time, hoping they’re the same!BG: When you were forming, did you look for multi-instrumentalists?

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